30 Jul

6 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer narrates your love story way after your wedding. Hiring a professional wedding photographer might be the best decision that you make as you plan for your big day. In your search for the perfect photographer, you should envision what you want your photos to look like. Request for their portfolio and get them involved in the planning as well. There are plenty of reasons why you should hire a professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire, but here are some key ones; Professional Read more [...]
02 Nov

5 Things You Need For The Perfect Wedding Reception

Even though your actual wedding ceremony is a beautiful moment to be cherished forever, let’s face it, the reception is the best part!   Drinking, dancing, and celebrating is what most people are looking forward to most. So, how do you plan the perfect wedding reception that everyone enjoys? Here are some of the key elements that you should include for an excellent reception.   Good Food And Drinks   Good food means a good time. What better time to eat something downright delicious Read more [...]
02 Nov

5 Reasons You Should Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is a big responsibility which eats up a large portion of your time. Even though you might like to believe that you can take everything on yourself from hiring the officiant to ordering all the flowers, it’s a lot to take on. If you have a full-time job, you have to balance taking breaks throughout the day to keep up with wedding planning.   Because of the enormous stress that wedding planning entails, a lot of couples end up arguing before their big day. Why let this happen Read more [...]
17 Jun

Details You Must Not Neglect When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding is the dream of many. You can have a beautiful wedding with gorgeous landscape in the background. Outdoor weddings are also considered warmer and more intimate in many ways. Despite the romantic nature, however, outdoor weddings are not the easiest to plan and execute. Aside from the major elements of the wedding, there are details that you have to attend to when planning an outdoor wedding. These details can make or break the wedding and the mood of the event, which is why we Read more [...]
17 May

7 Steps to Hosting a Green Event

Are you getting ready to put on a big event? If so, why not try and make it a greener one? Here’s how you can do it. Royalty Free Photo Avoid Disposable Utensils It can be tempting to bulk buy a bunch of paper plates and plastic utensils for your party. However, both of these things are pretty bad for the environment. If you want your event to be as ecologically friendly as possible, you should always prioritize things that can be reused. This means that, even if you are able to recycle some Read more [...]
02 May

13 Unique & Personalized Engagement Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Someone close to you recently got engaged but your budget this month feels a bit tight. Well, don’t feel too bad. It’s a common problem many of us face due to budget constraints. While giving any gift, we definitely want to give the best for our loved ones and sometimes the only problem is the budget. We have identified some unique and budget friendly gift ideas for engagements. You can easily get them online from websites such as wholeblossoms.com. A monogrammed mug set A mug set Read more [...]
13 Feb

Can Science Predict the Length of a Relationship?

Science and mathematics has traditionally done a rather good job of predicting how seemingly opaque reactions will occur in the world. Whether it’s what happens when we drop a stone from a specific height, when two chemicals are mixed together or when you add two number together – maths and science can usually give us a reasonably accurate prediction of what will happen. But what about when it comes to things like emotion, or love? Can subjects like chemistry, physics and mathematics predict Read more [...]
08 Feb

“Expensive” Wedding Favours That Won’t Break the Bank

Wedding favours don’t exactly have to be very expensive, just expensive looking. Did you know that engaged couples are often in the dilemma to pick out the perfect gifts for their wedding guests, and end up spending £500, on average, on the entire list according to a study by Personalised Gifts Shop. What the soon-to-be-wed couple needs to do is, invest in practical wedding favours. Gifting their maids of honour and best men is one of the most difficult decisions faced by the to-be bride and Read more [...]
10 Jan

3 Tips for Planning A Destination Wedding

A great way to start your marriage off on an adventurous foot is to get married during a destination wedding. Taking the time to travel somewhere fun or exotic with your family and friends as you marry the love of your life can bring sweet memories to last a lifetime. However, planning this event isn’t always the fun you might think it would be. So to help make this a little easier on you, here are three tips for planning a destination wedding. Give Everyone Notice While you and your fiance Read more [...]
02 Jan

3 Tips For Having A Wedding At A Family Home

For those planning a wedding in the near future, you’re likely trying to find the perfect place for your nuptials that will also fall within your particular budget. If you’re looking to save money or at least find a wedding venue that won’t charge you an arm and a leg and force you to use their services, you may want to consider hosting your wedding at a family home. And while this can be tricky, if you’re able to do this successfully, your wedding can be absolutely beautiful. To help make Read more [...]